Wedding Band Top Tips

Posted: 21 January 2023

What questions do you need ask and what do you need to know?

We have put together 10 considerations when choosing your wedding music.  If you are lucky enough to have the musician that you love within your family or friends circle, you still need to read these to understand what requirement your Venue will have from your chosen people. If you’re already booked in with a professional musician, band or music agency, then have a nosey through anyway to give you a better understanding of the process.

  1. What kind of genres/styles do you want your wedding band to play?


Do you go with your favourite or play to the crowd? 


  1. Are your wedding band covered with their own insurance?


Most Venues will require a copy of their insurance so make sure you ask the question. 


  1. Can your wedding band perform your first dance request?


Is it something that is in their repertoire or do you need a PA system to pipe this through to the dance floor. 



  1. What size wedding band should you book?


Do you go for an existing set up band or a collective that means you can harness differing styles? 


  1. Does your venue have a sound limiter? If so, is your band sensitive to work within these parameters?


Legally, there are specific requirements for this so it is really important to understand your venue and its limitations. 


  1. What PA & lighting equipment is normally provided with a wedding band?


What is included in your price? 



  1. How long does a wedding band normally perform for?


Having an idea on the number of sets can help you plan the day. 


  1. Do you need to book a DJ to fill in the gaps in-between the bands sets and after their final set?


Or do you band offer a DJ or playlist service in between.  There is a real opportunity to save money here if they do. 


  1. How much space should I allow for a band?


Ask your band how much space they will need.  This will impact on how many band members you can accommodate in your venue. 



  1. What additional band requests should I be expecting on the contract? 


Always read the small print.  Most bands expect to be fed and drinks provided so please do check how many staff they are bringing. 



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