Top Ten Planning Tips

Posted: 21 January 2023

What happens from ‘Yes’ to ‘I do’? Our Top 10 Tips for creating your perfect wedding can help you out.  It goes without saying for us that we have the best plan for you and for just £97 you can have everything you need to plan your day.  We’ve broken this down into ten top tips to give you some freebie advice to help you start.

Finesse your finances

There’s perfection for every pocket, so finessing the finances ensures a super start to your planning. Knowing your budget is the single most important starting point. Every supplier you work with will ask you the question.

The most common phrase that is said to me as a Wedding Planner is “I don’t know what my budget is because I don’t know what these things cost”.  The second most common phrase is “I don’t have a budget”.  Suppliers want to show you everything within your reach so that they then do not have to whip away something that is out of your financial reach.  It’s a horrid fact, but so true.

Find a venue  

You might have an idea of what venues in your local area that you love.  Or you might know the style you love.  Choosing a venue within your budget is so important because, in our experience, couples generally spend around about 55% of their budget on the venue and food for their guests.  It’s why it’s the first big decision to make after finessing those finances.

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Make a Guest list

A toughie but an important one.  Intimate or huge?  Family and friends or just the two of you?  The average cost per head can range from around £75-£150 per guest, so use your budget wisely.

Choose the wedding party (us as well as your actual wedding party)

Obviously we want you to work with us to plan your dream day because we have the knowledge, experience and tech to help you make that perfect plan for just £97, but you also needs to choose your specials, which is why we put together our Pick Your People series to help you make those all important decisions.  All we will say is that who gets to be in your inner circle should be your decision as a couple and should be based on what they will do to help you or reduce your stress.

Choose your clothing 

Try to go to any outfit appointments with an open mind.  It can difficult to picture your body shape in the dream outfit, so listen to the consultant about what will flatter and suit in terms of fabric and shape.

Choose your photographer  

For us, this is all about chemistry.  Finding the right person, who makes you feel comfortable, will blend in with your guests seamlessly and produces the right style of day for you.


First things first, where is your passport?  It is so important that you will have at least six months on your passport before you travel.  So, post off any change requests (obviously you can’t change your name without the legalities sorted) and get that passport back.

Minimoon or honeymoon it really does not matter what your plan is, we have the inspo for you here at TWP.


Select your theme/colours  

We suggest setting up a Pinterest board and finding some styles that you like.  Think about the time of year and what will be available and start that gorgeous sourcing journey.  A word of caution though, a lot of imagery that you see online has been stylised and therefore does not always compute into your venue or your budget.

Choose your music  

Questions to consider are, do you have distinct style of music in your head? Will this suit all the guests and keep them dancing all night?  Do you want to serenaded down the aisle?  Is there someone close to you that can belt out a good tune and would like to personally do this for you? Do you want live music or a DJ?  A playlist?  There are so many choices.  So sit down, have a date night, grab a glass of something delicious and go through both of your playlists to get some ideas.  You’ll be up and dancing before you know it.


Select a cake

A hard choice, but by far the most delicious.  Cake couture is a big industry so leaving this until the last job on our basic plan is necessary because you will need to know if the cake designer delivers to you venue, is within your budget, can do the cake you want and has the space in their diary.


There is a lot to think about when planning a wedding, but please don’t get stressed, we’ve totally got you.  If you need to take a minute to breathe, then don’t forget to hit The Overwhelm Button® and just take a moment to feel that lovely oxygen coming into your body.  It will calm you down.  It will pass.  If you want access to our full mind, body and soul section, for the full experience of The Overwhelm Button® then all you have to do is register for your full wedding plan for just £97.


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