Top Ten Colours

Posted: 12 September 2022

We LOVE colour at TWP, and we’ve had loads of fun collating our top ten colour trends:



Your ‘Something Old’ could be your wedding theme. Think recycled materials, sustainable outfits, organic food menus. Consider dressing your day with natural materials, sage, ivory, hessian, natural cotton. Nothing says luxe more than the couple who have taken the time to source fair trade and organic materials for their big day and just think how beautiful the photos will look.


Warm tones

Dusty rose is a big colour for this year, think tonal and many shades and petals of this beautiful colour along with beautiful burnt oranges and reds; they do work together in the right season! Pair them with beautiful rose golds for that warm feeling that guarantees beautiful pictures



Think 1920’s glamour, The Great Gatsby, Prohibition Era (although that might not go down so well at the reception!), think Bugsy Malone for grown-ups. Rather than go all out 1980s mirrored nightclub, small touches like mirror disco ball, metal chairs or table candelabra, metallic balloons or metal chairs and pair with luxurious colours like navy and gold or emerald green and silver. Or if you’re really feeling the metallic vibe, go for dresses!


Soft Blues  

Your ‘Something Blue’ can always be your wedding theme! Big for 2022 are soft blues and blue greys, the wedding staple for many years, these colours provide an amazing romantic backdrop and beautiful pictures that you will treasure for years to come! They are also easy to accessories for the gents in the wedding party with ties, handkerchiefs, socks, jackets and suits or your wedding car and so easy to provide a beautiful tonal colour palette.



Whether for Pride, for the hard-working keyworkers or the NHS, or simply just because they’re beautiful, a rainbow colour theme can be either bold or muted and is SO hot right now. So easy to accessories with everything from chair decor to flowers to suits and dresses, imagine how cool the cupcakes could be.



We’ll be honest, we’ve had the Rege-Jean Page day-dream where he’s our bridegroom, but we tore ourselves away and back to thinking of the colour palettes and styles.

For a spring or summer wedding, imagine Penelope’s buttery yellows, Daphne’s vast array of pastels and square necklines, think corsets, puff sleeves (oh-so flattering!), imagine neckerchiefs, waistcoats. If you’ve set a winter date, think how well Lady Danbury’s rich hues of red wine and purples will go with your flowers and room dressing. The possibilities are endless, plus it’s an excuse to watch Bridgerton again, all in the interests of ‘research’ obviously.


Peaky Blinders 

Leaving out the razor blades from the peaked caps obviously, for the return of Season 6 of this 1920’s show takes your inspiration from their gothic style. Whether Thomas Shelby’s tweed float your boat, or watch chains and waistcoats, lace and velvet lapels.  Contrasting deep purples with a damson shades and reds, bring to life a richness and not only that but it lends itself so well to the achingly cool photos, especially if you land yourself a dream wedding backdrop like the delectable Alley Hall.


Rustic woodland and green 

Also bang on trend is the woodland themed wedding, which gives way for the gorgeous greens to come through with a backdrop of rustic wood and small white buds.  Again, lending itself well to the boho themed weddings, the lush dark greens and contrasting minty eucalyptus, not only look great but make your venue smell dreamy.  Couple this with floating voiles and rich moss dressings, this trend is set to work throughout the year, combining with rich reds if you’re going for an autumn or winter wedding. We are completely in love with the photographic possibilities with green, be it from the crushed velvet vintage sofa snaps to the outdoors, fresh faced and natural shots in the grounds of your venue.  Green just seems to frame perfectly to give that delicate, ethereal feel to your special day.


80’s neon 

Also remaining big this season is the introduction of neon into the mix. Think selfie stations on a rustic backdrop, incorporating handmade lettering and the variety of colours available mean these flows with most schemes. Think industrial mesh, with bespoke neon flex wording, surrounded by lush foliage and wood and you have an idea of the look we are championing.  Particularly gorgeous with wood or brick backgrounds, we think this theme will feature heavily for at least the next 18 months.



Vintage colour pallet and decor 

We don’t think there is a time when vintage will go out of fashion. Whilst the neon signage might be reminiscent of the 80’s, 50’s chic, combining fabrics such as lace and velvet is so very much of the now.  The beauty of this trend is that modern and vintage can be friends within your theme, created a unique and quirky flow to your day.

In a world that travels so fast and is full of digital imagery, there really is a beauty to having Polaroids or table cameras (ask your mother!).  Definitely, a look which allows elegance and quirkiness to shine through.


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