The Kids are Alright

Posted: 12 September 2022

If children are a big part of your families, then bringing them together to involved in your special day may be the only way you would choose to celebrate. Children love being included and involved and without a doubt they will make memories to last a lifetime on your big day.

Children are no different to grown-ups, if we are uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, bored, nervous, or tired, things are probably not going to go well. So, The Wedding Party has put together five things for little people to love:


Little ones do love to be a Princess or Prince for the day. Just make sure that they are comfortable in their ‘posh’ clothes. Maybe even give those shoes a run around the house to break then in before their debut outing.


Good food for children shouldn’t mean a compromise on quality, a reputable venue will be able to provide child friendly, nutritious, and appealing meals that will ensure they have the energy to make it through a fun filled action packed day.


So many fabulous photographs of Granddad’s and Auntie’s, Brides & Grooms dancing with the most enthusiastic of partners, the little people who can throw shapes on the dance floor like you may never have seen before. Living in the moment and enjoying life to the full.


Maybe they have a role, Bridesmaid, Flower Girl, Page Boy, or Usher. Important enough to travel in style, carry rings or a bouquet and have a starring role in the photographs.


Age-appropriate activities, a magician or piñata, an X box or a movie or simple crayons can provide hours of entertainment for those special little lovelies in your life.


But it is really important to remember, little humans need sleep and with a day full of fabulousness, a bean bag & fleecy blanket in a quiet area might mean their parents can continue to enjoy the party well into the evening on the best day of your life so far.

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