Take me to Church

Posted: 20 January 2023

If you are looking for a deeply spiritual and meaningful place to say your vows or your religion is key to your core values, having your wedding in church is the best way to commit to each other. We explain more about why exploring the possibility of a church wedding could be part of your to-do list.


At The Wedding Party, we believe the most important part of your wedding day is when you make your commitment to each other, so have you ever considered having your wedding ceremony in a church?  Maybe you are unsure which church to choose or even if you would be eligible to marry in church?  If this sounds like you, read on for some thought-provoking facts and myth-busters about church weddings. 


Church buildings offer outstanding beauty and potentially centuries of history of consecrated ground.  Just imagine how many wonderful ceremonies have been held in ‘your’ building and how many times the joyful wedding bells have pealed.  For many couples, a church can seem like the ‘proper’ place to marry. Church is peaceful and serene and makes marrying there a very special experience. Many couples return to the church they married in to renew their vows or have their marriage or children blessed.  


We’ve also put together a list of helpful myth-busters to questions you may have going round your head: 

I don’t go to church every Sunday so can I get married in church? 

Yes – Churches would love it if you did become a regular however often this is not a requirement and you do not need to be a regular churchgoer to be married in most churches, your church will explain to you how this works. 

I am not baptised, so can I get married in church? 

Yes. In a Church of England Church, there is no requirement to be baptised to be married in church however, if you would like to, you can be baptised as an adult. 

I don’t live in the parish, so can I get married there? 

Generally yes, and the church will explain how this works. 

I have a different faith to my partner, or I am not religious so can I be married in church? 

Your church will want to get to know you both and develop a ceremony that reflects your story, whether a marriage of different faths is possible in your chosen church depends largely on the church itself.  

We already have children so can we be married in church? 

Yes. Your vicar, priest or religious leader will want to make sure that your children enjoy the day and can be part of it. 

I was married before so can I be married in church? 

In many cases, yes, it is possible to marry in church. Your church will talk to you about your life experience and will advise you. 

Churches are special places and provide things that you simply can’t get anywhere else. For example, a church wedding adds a spiritual dimension to your ceremony and provides you with the blessing of your chosen denomination, which is so important to many couples. Your church is always there to help you through your married life if you would like it, and getting married in a church allows you to build a relationship with your vicar before the ceremony which allows them to make your wedding personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful. It might also cement your place in the town or village in which you live, and give you a social life there too. You may find yourself joining the choir and singing at future weddings.




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