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Posted: 22 January 2023

Choosing the right one for you from

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The wedding date has been set and you’ve booked the venue, now it is your turn to choose your outfit. What things should you consider? 

First think what type of wedding you are planning – is it themed, or in an old hall or castle – will the service be in a church? The reason we point this out is, as with the rest of your wedding, the venue will certainly impact the style of suit.  

You could go for a more formal outfit such as a tailcoat or Prince Edward if your venue is in an old building, or a Thomas Shelby-style 1920s tweed ensemble. If you are getting married in an old Victorian castle why not wear a Victorian style outfit such as a tailcoat suit. 

If you are getting married in a less formal venue, then you may want to reflect this in your outfit by wearing something a bit more up to date such as a slim fit lounge suit with some accessories to personalise it. Or jeans. 

The second thing to consider is the wedding colour theme. Make sure your choice of suit does not look totally out of place; consider whether navy or a softer grey would work better than a black suit.  For example, if your colour theme is rose gold, you would probably find that the gentle cream will work wonders, or a bold baby blue. Most people hope to only marry once, and the pictures will last forever, so remain open to discussing different colours, even if you preferred a navy suit instead.  

The third thing to think about is how you think you will look on the big day. Although you want to fall in with the overall wedding theme, you need to make sure you are comfortable with how you will look – remember how long the photos will last.  

How tall are you? 

Are you slim or muscular? 

What is your hair colour? 

Crucially, do you feel comfortably in the style of jacket you’ve chosen, because people will notice a fidgeter! Whilst a bride needs to say yes to the dress, you need to recruit the right suit and you need to make sure it suits all of your wedding party. Regardless of gender, this is a very important decision if you’re going to be happy with those ever-lasting photographs.  

Do you want to go for variations on a theme? The same material but different cuts to suit different body shapes? Do you want braces, a waistcoat, a tie, a square handkerchief, a pocket watch? Will you have any little ones in oh-so cute smaller versions of your suit? Should the groom or marrier look different to the rest of the wedding party or should you all look the same? Often, simple touches like a tie and hanky to match the wedding dress is enough for a groom or marrier to stand out.  

You also need to consider the ages and sizes of your party. Whilst you might be slim, will your bodybuilder best man look good in the same type of suit to you? 

The waistcoat could also be matched to the handkerchief or a cravat or you could go for tweed ties and hankies or a family tartan.The choice is yours, there is no right or wrong way so go with your heart and your head to make sure it is suitable for your big day. 

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