Something new…

Posted: 15 January 2023

Something new…

Think about delicate layering of bracelets to incorporate lots of meaning to your day, there are lots of ideas and solutions available on the high street and it need not cost the earth.  

Cravats, handkerchieves, cufflinks, a hip flask, there are so many choices out there.  What about making some delicate string symbol that both of you can have stitched into your outfit for the day, something that only the two of you need to know about.  In our experience, the little secret things just for you two will be the moments that last forever in your memories.

How about some new earrings – and if you drop enough hints your beloved may even treat you to them. You could have your ‘Something new’ as your shoes although we would suggest you try to wear the in a little first, or if you have a favourite pair of shoes or trainers you want to wear, why not accessorise them with a new bow? 

Whilst we’re talking about accessories, why not have your something new as your hair accessory or a bag, or you could even have your something new as perfume or aftershave. Instead of wearing your favourite fragrance, you could choose a different scent for your wedding day.  The senses are so important to secure those extra special memories.

‘Something New’ is basically an excuse to shop – win/win. 

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