Seven trends that are here to stay

Posted: 12 January 2023

Intimate weddings

When we went into worldwide lockdown in 2020, the wedding industry was one of the first to be hit with postponements.  This has enabled our lovely couples, just like you, to think about what is important to them.  We did hundreds of micro-weddings, which were designed around the words you say to one another, rather than the big shebang.   We thought creatively and added people in through live video links, clever photography and other tricks of the trade to make sure that our couples got do the right thing for them.  One of the things that this did was reduced the finance implications on our clients.   Couples are still choosing to save themselves money by having smaller more intimate weddings.   

We have seen a massive growth in the 30-seat weddings market since the joys of lockdown.  I know that on our special day, my husband and I chose to have just 18 of our specials with us for the daytime, but then threw it open to everyone in the evening.  What this meant was that we could really enjoy our day with those people who were closest to us, then dance the night away with our concentric circles of friends.  It saved us an absolute fortune in catering and wine cost.



Unique and special products have been one of the most expediential growth markets in the last decade. Think Pinterest, Etsy, Notonthehighstreet and other such and you can see why we have this as something that it going to continue in growth.  If you consider that in 2021, Pinterest had approximately 363 million users worldwide, it is no wonder why this area has grown so much.  With the growth of marketplaces and the inspiration available to modern couples, the personalisation options are only going to grow.   This is a way you can keep your wedding more authentic to you.  When we first started out, we designed an Order of Service clock, that couples picked the wording for.  They got to take it home afterwards and have it in their home to be a reminder of their special day.  So, when it comes to personalisation, the quirkier the better. 

Launching soon, our marketplace to source some of the most amazing options, that will really help you to create that spectacular day you have been dreaming off. 


Dessert Tables are back

We aren’t talking donut walls and cupcakes, we are talking exquisite individual desserts, in delicate glasses, with edible gold squares of fudge and metallic macaroons.  Individual lemon meringue pies in beautiful crockery will absolutely delight your taste buds.  Edible bubbles of flavoured air, a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Small bites of cheesecake and meringue swirls, with exotic fruits, all topped off with the next big prediction….. 


Edible Flowers

Trending alert

Whether it’s on your dessert table, frozen into your ice cubes or floating on the top of delicious cocktails, edible flowers are perfect to bring that wild floral accent into you day. 


The move from fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can bring a high price to your budget, which is why a lot of couples are opting for the more reasonable artificial.  Using a venue décor service that offers high quality artificial flowers means that you keep the cost down and is also helpful for those hay fever sufferers amongst your guests.   With the energy prices in the world rising, we have seen a growth in the number of fresh flower wholesalers turning their greenhouses off for seasonal times.  This is going to have a knock on effect on the world’s floristry supplies.  So, make sure you speak to your




Key point

Finally, sustainability is becoming a choice to be considered for a lot of happy couples.  Being eco-friendly and ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimised has become a big consideration for many.  That is why people are shifting to dried flowers and bio-degradable petals for their wedding.  


Whether you follow the trends or not for your big day, one thing is for sure and that is that if you stay true to yourselves and your personalities, your day will be as unique and individual as possible.  


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