Set the Date

Posted: 4 February 2023

Talking dates is important. Peak season or low season in your destination will have an enormous impact on costing and availability, but what are your main considerations? We have the 12 questions for you to ask yourselves when thinking about setting the date. 

What day of the week do you want to get married on? 

What weather are you hoping for? 

What is your favourite season? 

How long will it take your suppliers to get the products you want? 

Will your guests need to take holidays for your wedding? 

Will your guests need childcare for your wedding? 

Are your guests likely to be away at this time of year? 

Are there religious, cultural or faith implications to your proposed date? 

For a destination wedding, what season is it there at the time you want to get married? 

Is it low, mid, or peak wedding season in the UK? 

Is your chosen venue busier at this time of year? 

Which of these questions is your highest priority? 

Sitting down and asking each other the questions can be fun. It helps you to work together to make agreements on the fundamentals, which is a great start to the journey of wedding planning.  


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