Seasonal Flowers

Posted: 19 January 2023

Do you have a favourite flower?  Did you know that it can massively increase your wedding costs to have a specific flower at your wedding day?  With this in mind, we have put together a list of flowers and the optimum time of year to have them.  For example, Peonies in December would have to be imported from expensive greenhouse growers, which would increase the cost substantially.   

With the energy price increase currently gripping the world, some of the larger manufacturers in places such as Holland are turning their greenhouses off over the winter months, which has had a knock-on effect on price and demand.  So be aware that there are alternatives available, in artificial florals, which have massively improved in quality over the last decade.

So without further ado, sit back and wander through the TWP meadow to pick those perfect petals for you. 


The seasonal flowers

A to Z

Acacia – Autumn & Winter 

Agapanthus – Spring, Summer & Winter 

Alchemilla – Summer 

Alstromeria – Autumn 

Amarylis – Autumn & Winter 

Amazon Lily – Autumn 

Anemone – Spring, Autumn & Winter 

Anthurium – All year round 

Arachnis – Summer 

Aranthera – Winter 

Aster – All year round 

Banksia Bottlebrush – Winter 

Bouvardia – All year round 

Calla Lily – All year round 

Carnation – All year round 

Cattelya Orchid – Summer & Autumn 

Celosia – Summer & Autumn 

Cherry Blossom – Spring 

Chrysanthemum – All year round 

Cornflower – Spring & Summer 

Cosmos – Autumn 

Cymbidium Orchid – Spring, Autumn & Winter 


Daffodil – Spring 

Dahlia – Summer & Autumn 

Delphinium – Spring, Summer & Autumn 

Echinops – Autumn 

Eryngium – Autumn 

Euphorbia – Autumn & Winter 

Forget-Me-Not – Spring 

Freesia – All year round 

Genista – Spring 

Gerbera – Spring, Autumn & Winter 

Gladiolus – Autumn 

Gloriosa – Spring, Autumn & Winter 

Gomphrena – Autumn 

Gypsophila (Baby’s breath) – Summer & Autumn 

Helenium – Autumn 

Heliconia – Spring 

Hellebores – Autumn 

Hyacinth – Spring & Winter 

Hydrangea – All year round 

Hypericum – Autumn 

Iris – All year round 

Kangaroo Paws – Summer 


Lavender – Summer 

Lilac – Autumn 

Lily – All year round 

Lily of the Valley – Spring 

Lisianthus – Spring, Autumn & Winter 

Love in the Mist – Spring & Summer 

Marigold – Summer & Autumn 

Mint – Summer 

Moluccella – Spring 

Muscari – Spring & Winter 

Narcissus – Winter 

Nerine – Summer & Autumn 

Oncidium Orchid – Spring, Summer & Autumn 

Ornithogalum – Autumn 

Papaver – Autumn 

Paphiopedilum Orchid – Spring 

Peony – Summer & Winter 

Phalaenopsis Orchid – Spring, Summer & Winter 

Phlox – All year round 

Poinsettia – Winter 

Protea – Winter 

Prunus – Summer 


Poinsettia – Winter 

Protea – Winter 

Prunus – Summer 

Ranunculus – Spring 

Rose – All year round 

Skimmia – Autumn 

Solidaster – Autumn 

Spiraea – Autumn 

Stephanotis – Spring, Summer & Autumn 

Strelitzias – Summer 

Sunflower – All year round 

Sweet pea – Spring & Summer 

Sweet William – Spring 

Triteleia – Autumn 

Tuberose – Autumn 

Tulip – Spring & Winter 

Vanda – Autumn 

Veronica – Autumn 

Viburnum – Summer 

Wax Flower – Spring 

Winter Camelia – Winter 

Zinnia – Summer 

When having your first floristry appointment, it is always good to have an idea of what kind of flowers you would like.  Why not check out our shape guide to see what fits best for you.

Whether it is a tight posy or a loose unstructured nosegay bouquet, your flowers will give you that comfort element to hold on to as you take your steps towards the love of your life and are a great place to incorporate those all important secret touches that only the two of you know about.  Think a locket with your pictures in, a special piece of fabric from your first date outfit and simply a love note rolled up inside from your beau.  The main purpose part of your day is what you say to each other, everything else is just scent.

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