Planning for the big day – The Big 6

Posted: 12 January 2023

Our 6-point plan to set the structure of your wedding day.

So, you’ve said yes, you’ve signed up to TWP, you’ve had a look around at what is available in your area, so what next?  We think there are six big questions that can help you to make your choices easier as you progress along the planning journey.


No. 1 – Save the date

Whilst it can be hard to pinpoint your exact date until you have picked some key components, we think it is so important to start with an aim in mind.  This will help you have a clear and focused plan as to when you would like, and to have an idea of the time you will have to spend planning this together.


No.2 – Styles

Have a look around at some different styles and decide which one sits true with you.

Top Tip: If you are struggling think about the proposal. What happened around that?  Where were you?  When you close your eyes, what does your happily ever after look like? (If you are struggling with this, our meditations can help).

Are you a boho beauty, alternative marrier, or do you like structured formal styling throughout your life.  Whatever your style, looking at lots of different styles can be overwhelming.  Sometimes in life it is easier to know what you don’t want to narrow down your search, so don’t get caught up on finding the perfect look immediately.  There is plenty of time for this stage.


No. 3 – Formality

Hand in hand with style goes formality.  Do you need to invite 500 guests to a belief-based ceremony or is it 20 of your favourite people only.  Whatever your number, it is worth having an idea of where the words need to be said to help decide the level of formality required.


No. 4 – Guests

Thinking about the type of guests you want to invite may help you to keep a track on costs.  Do you need workmates to be included?  Friends?  Extended family?  Whoever you invite, your magic number will have an impact on everything from stationery, to catering and finishing touches on the day.  Click here to use our handy ‘Should I invite you’ flowchart to help you decide


No. 5 – Costs

Whilst it is not normal to know what a wedding costs; you should have an idea of around about what you can spend.  Staying focused on your own finances will help you to stay invested in your day and to ensure that you stay within your personal parameters.  The reason that this follows guests is because it gives you an idea of what is possible financially when you are looking at venues.  Some venues will offer deals for a certain amount of guests and others give a cost per person.


No. 6 – Timescales

Preparation is everything when it comes to having your dream day.  In the thousands of weddings, we have collectively been part of, we have learnt that no matter how much time you have, the preparation will not only make your day dreamy, but also will fill you with confidence that your vision is exactly right for you.

Intermittently coming back to the Big 6 can help you to stay really focused during the planning process.  Remember, this day is about you and your beau.  So, be you, be true and be luxe.  Whilst there are other people to consider, this day is about the two of you saying your special words and committing to love one another for the rest of your lives.  Everything else is just a pretty bonus.


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