Picture perfect photographs

Posted: 22 January 2023

A picture paints a thousand words, here’s our top ten photography moments we recommend you capture:



No. 1

Hang on a minute

The outfit/dress/suit hanging up


No. 2

Give us a ring

Don’t forget to photograph the small stuff like the rings.


No. 3

The Wedding Party

No, not us (although we’re happy to be in your pictures), the actual wedding party of bride and bridesmaids/groom and friends.


No. 4

Oh how grand

Capturing pics of beloved Grandparents will create memories that last forever.


No. 5

Pomp and ceremony

Kind of speaks for itself but capture the ceremony.  Tears, laughter, first looks and joy.


No. 6

I don’t want your extra time

Don’t forget to capture that first kiss.


No. 7

A room with a view

You put so much thought into dressing your venue, make sure you have photographic evidence.


No. 8


You may want traditional, you may want aerial, hell you may want even more aerial and use a drone but make sure you capture everyone who is there to help you celebrate your big day.


No. 9

Step up

Your first dance is a moment to cherish.


No. 10

Exit stage left

Get shots capturing you leaving the venue.

Working with your photographer to ensure that you get all the shots that you want.  We suggest making a list of the important people that need to be in your structured photographs so that your photographer can work with the official line-up shots before having some ‘blending into the background shots’ which we know will be your absolute favourites for years to come.

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