It’s like you’re my mirror

Posted: 1 February 2023

There are so many different variations of the ‘selfie mirror’ or whatever else you may want to call it, so we decided to write a blog to show the kind of product you might choose.

You’ll definitely want it to look good – the kit itself as well as the finished product – and you might want a standard mirror, a traditional photo booth, a 360 degree spinner or table selfie pods but do you also want it to: 

  • Have a filter – whether a beauty filter, to change to sepia prints or a cartoon drawing – consider the theme of your wedding. 
  • Green with envy – do you want the option of different backdrops, of celebrity ‘friends’ – then you’ll need one with a green screen. 
  • A focal point – like a fireplace is in a room, so a selfie mirror or photobooth is in a wedding – a place for guests to meet and mingle that isn’t the bar or on their designated table.  

Do you want more than photos? Odd question, but consider if you want it to make GIFs, slo-mo’s, games even, and do you want to take home the photos on a USB or in a book at the end of your evening – we know we would! 


Ready for your close-up? 

Whilst not necessarily the perfect pose, a photobooth is a perfect snapshot of a perfect moment in time; people having fun at your wedding. They provide a unique experience that treats all friends and families to some fun and quirky photos together that they can laugh at for future years to come.   

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