Let them eat cake

Posted: 20 January 2023

It has been said time and time again, here at TWP we like a bit of cake so it was no great hardship to research wedding cake trends for the next year. 

There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, that everyone’s wedding cake looked the same. However, the modern day wedding cake has become a piece of art – a stunning centrepiece that truly reflects the couple’s tastes and personality. A statement about who you are, a showstopper. So, what type of cake should you consider? 

The Classic Style Cake


Classic cakes will always be in style. Using a soft palette of cream or white, a vintage cake oozes elegance and sophistication. Often each tier of the cake will feature a distinctive design or texture, creating a beautiful intricate design.

We love it when we see a vintage cake personalised by copying the lace detail in a bride’s dress or making delicate sugar flowers that replicate the wedding bouquet. A satin shimmer on one of the tiers is an eye-catching way to bring this timeless look up to date and has become a popular option in recent years. 


The Geometric Cake

Modern twist

Using geometric designs has become a fashionable look in home textiles in the last few years, and unsurprisingly more couples are choosing to use this as a design for their wedding.

The use of sharp lines and geometric patterns, especially in metallic colours, creates a contemporary yet timeless look. To soften this look we love to see geometric patterns alongside elegant, marbled icing and eye-catching sugar flowers. 


The Rustic Chic Cake


The rustic look has been around for a few years now and its popularity for cakes has continued into the new decade.

While many couples are still opting for the ever popular nearly naked cake (a tiered sponge cake covered in just a thin layer of buttercream) we love to create a rustic look by layering paper thin strips of icing to create a pleated effect. Simply decorated with fresh fruit, raffia and seasonal fresh or sugar flowers and leaves, rustic cakes have an understated yet timeless beauty.  


The Hand Painted Cake


Hand painted wedding cakes are truly a piece of art. Using a mix of food colouring and alcohol, to paint directly onto the cake, this look is becoming more and more popular.

Whether you chose to incorporate delicate sugar flowers or bold colourful images, a hand painted cake will always be a showstopper.  


The Themed Cake


Themed wedding cakes certainly make a statement! More and more couples are using their cake as way to express their fun-loving sides.

A themed cake doesn’t have to be a novelty cake. Some couples may choose to go for the subtle approach, we love to hide objects (such as potion bottles, pets or monopoly pieces) amongst the sugar flowers or to include badges and logos in piped lacework.

Reveal cakes (where the front is a traditional looking cake and the back splits to reveal a theme) are also still popular. Those brave enough full out to adorn every tier with themed imagery can be sure that people will still be talking about their cake in years to come. 



Whatever styling you choose, with all the delicious flavour options out there from talented cake couture artists, we are sure that it will be love at first bite.

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