Honeymoon heaven

Posted: 20 January 2023

The word honeymoon has its origins in the alcoholic liquor (hony) made of fermented honey and water, given to the couple traditionally which would last a month, hence the moonNow, it has become synonymous with that lovely little break away of sweet time with your new married beau, taken after the nuptialsNot that we need an excuse to take some annual leave, but your honeymoon is the perfect reason to make the most of those after-wedding excitement levelsHowever, it does take some planningSo here are a few things to think about when booking your honeymoon. 


Our top three considerations for

radiant rays

Alternatively, sensational slopes, if that’s what floats your boat.  Or, speaking of boats, a Cruise. Whatever you choose, our top three tips are just a little something to consider before doing your research.

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No. 1

Timing is everything

Summer changes around the world. We know it seems to be an obvious thing, but checking the season of where you are going before you book is essential for you to be able to experience the weather of your choice. 

If it is within your time zone you will not need to factor in jet lag, but this is a consideration if travelling long haul.  For example, if you only have a week, it is better to stay within your current time zone +/- 3 hours to get the most of out the daylight. 

High and low season in your destination will have a real impact on price, so again timing is something that needs to be considered all the way through your Honeymoon Planning. 

No. 2


It is becoming quite commonplace to have both a minimoon and a honeymoon nowadays. 

Minimoons could be in your own country, just a little getaway after your wedding day, followed by a big adventure honeymoon later in the year.  This is good if you must take into consideration high and low seasons for your destination.   It can also help you save more all important pennies to get something that you really look forward to.


No. 3

Five Star or DIY?

Whether you are five star all the way or want to travel the globe in a rucksack, honeymoons can be used for that quality time to come down after the euphoria of the nuptials.  Sometimes a combination multi-stay break is the best thing, to enable the best of both worlds. 


From Japan to Devon, the Caribbean to Paris, there are so many places to start that first day of married life and then it’s just you, your beau and whatever fabulous view is in front of you.



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