Hen Party Tips

Posted: 20 January 2023

Planning a Hen Party is incredibly fun, but it can be stressful. If you are the bride arranging your own, the bridesmaids organising the celebrations or the mother of the bride taking the reins, we have some useful tips to help make things a little easier.

Top Tips for organising your

dream hen party

No. 1 

First things first, get a list together of the people you‘d like to invite.  These should include besties, work besties, family and close friends.  You can have different dos for different crowds if that makes life easier.

No. 2 

Pick your date and location. A lot of Brides now are opting to have a weekend away and then a hen night locally. It gives everyone different options and we do not see any harm in milking the celebrations, after all, who does not love a hen party? 

No. 3  

We would recommend giving people a rough budget, so everyone has an idea of what they are working with. 


No. 4 

Booking in advance helps, it gives you more chance of finding a date everyone can attend (if you haven’t already picked one) and plenty of time for people to get the cash together. The other benefit is that a lot of places (especially cottages and venues in big cities) get booked up really quickly.  

No. 5 

Get a payment plan set up. This is one of our favourite tips. The best way is for everyone to transfer an agreed amount each pay day to the Bridesmaid/Bride. That way, it is more affordable and when the organiser is booking things, they have a pot to pay from without having to ask the girls for money last minute for deposits etc. Suggest people transfer money to you every month, say £25 a month, all logged on a good old spreadsheet, so nothing is missed.  

No. 6 

Arrange a few surprises. we have been on Hen parties where the Bride-to-be did not even know the location of the Hen Party, let alone any plans. We have also been on those arranged by the Bride-to-be. But either way, it is always nice to have a little surprise for the bride. Whether it’s a nice sash/veil for them to wear, a guest book for everyone to write a message or something extravagant like a special activity, it is always lovely to treat the bride. It does not matter how big or small, it is just lovely to see the smile on their face when they receive the surprise. 


No. 7 

Take photos. It is so easy to forget when you are having so much fun, but it is always great to have some memories to look back on after the celebrations are over. 

No. 8 

Do not worry if things do not go exactly to plan. If the train or flight is delayed, you get stuck in traffic or it rains; just embrace it. Remember why you are there, enjoy the celebrations regardless and have fun. 

No. 9 

Do not compare yourself to others. Do what you can afford and do not worry about what everyone else on social media ‘appears’ to be doing. We have seen Hen Parties in Vegas and Ibiza, weekends in cottages, Spa days, nights out in the local town and garden parties to name a few. The one thing they all have in common is that the Bride-to-be had the best time. It is not where you are, it is who you are with that makes the Hen Party.



Remember, your hen party is about having loads of fun, so pick your tribe well.  And if you are a Maid/Mate of Honour planning the dream day, make sure you tell the attendees the ‘save the drama for your mama’.  Lots of brides and marriers find the coming together of different groups quite stressful. Your job is to keep the peace and make it as enjoyable for your bestie as possible.

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