Hairy Mary

Posted: 20 January 2023

When it comes to choosing your wedding hair there’s some important things to consider such as the style of the dress, the theme of your wedding and what suits your face shape. For example, if you’re having a glitz and glam wedding with lots of sparkle you may prefer a neat, sleek hairstyle and if you are having a relaxed boho themed wedding then you could opt for a loose hair do with braids and/or waves. Some brides we have spoken to at their trials said they didn’t want their hair put up as they only ever wear it up for work, and others want it all off their face as they know they tend to mess with their hair when they’re nervous. 



Another thing to consider is the neckline of your dress – if you’ve paid extra for a really detailed neckline, or have an exposed back then you may prefer to have an up do so you aren’t covering any of the pretty details, and if you’ve got an off the shoulder of strapless dress it could be a nice idea to have your hair down so you’re not showing too much skin. Sometimes we find clients get a bit caught up in “looking like a bride” that they lose sight of what they would usually do and what they really want deep down. There’s nothing wrong with a simple blow dry on your wedding day if that’s how you love your hair. We would recommend looking online and in magazines for some ideas before your trial, so you don’t waste your time turning up with no idea of what you want. Try and narrow it down to two or three ideas that you would like to try and then you leave the trial able to decide. There are also some great decorative hair pieces that really complement bridal hair, so we highly recommend trying some out, from pearls to flowers to tiaras, there’s a lot of choice. 


One final thing to consider is your natural hair type. If your hair can only hold a curl for an hour or so it may be best to have it straight or up. Hair stylists can usually make it last longer than usual as they use smaller sections and great products, but they can’t work miracles. If your hair is naturally very curly and this is how you always wear it – embrace it. Don’t feel like you need a stereotypical bridal hair do to look the part. And in our opinion if you have lovely long thick hair wear it down and show it off, it seems such a waste to tie it all up. 


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