Guest Couture

Posted: 22 January 2023

What to wear when you are a

wedding guest

So, the Save the Date card arrives.  How do you plan what to wear as a guest at a wedding? We have pulled together these top tips to help you out (and to make sure you are not wearing the same as someone else). 

The Weather Girls – Consider the weather, will you want bare arms or covered arms, will you need an umbrella (go matchy matchy if so), will you need tights?

Let us go outside – For Autumn or winter weddings, will you be outside at all? 


Lighten up – light summery, pastel colours to brighten your mood no matter what time of year it is, go neon for the most daring.  


Go to great lengths – a billowing full-length dress is the easy chic way to master elegance, add a waist-clinching belt for that ultra-feminine silhouette.

State of Mind – go for it Big, Bold, and Beautiful.

Match Make – remember have bags and shoes to match.  

Holding on to a hero – Clutch it! In our humble opinion that is the only way to wear a bag, whether big or small.

Best for forward – Remember wear your shoes in if they are new. You might be on your feet for a lot of the day (and a dance floor for a lot of the night!), so you will want to be as comfortable as possible. 


Wear a hat even if your dress code does not necessarily state wear one, it adds to the sense of occasion. If you do not want to go the full works, then a simple fascinator is sufficient although make sure the hat does not wear you.  

 Height of fashion – do not choose an ultra-fashionable dress that you never experimented with before. Stick to what you feel comfortable in and one that flatters your shape rather than wearing an outfit just because it is trendy. 


And finally, have fun with it, once you have found your perfect outfit, all that is left is to enjoy the day.

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