Gift Registry

Posted: 4 February 2023

Most guests will want to bring a small gift with them to your wedding day, but how do you stop yourselves receiving 14 toasters and a gift voucher?  If you are setting up house and want to pick your things, then we would recommend a gift registry.  There are so many places now you can get a gift registry set-up.   

When you start to think about your gifting list, it is useful to think about who you will be inviting and how they will experience the gift registry. 


The Big 5


We think the big 5 out there are:

  1. Amazon 
  2. Prezola 
  3. The Wedding Present Company 
  4. The Wedding Shop 
  5. John Lewis  

Alternatively, there is a cash solution to the gifting requirementsWhy not choose a cute poem to ask your guests for some pennies towards a house deposit, honeymoon or similar. This can go in with your invitation to offer options for guestsYou could say something like: 


A word or two on gifts


In case you are wondering 

“What present should we take?” 

We really have all that we need 

But a difference you could make 

We wanted to take ourselves away 

To somewhere nice and hot 

And if you could give a pound or two 

It would really help a lot 

So, when we sit and wonder 

“Can we go on holiday soon?” 

Please help us make our dreams come true 

By donating to our ‘honeymoon’. 

It has become part of wedding culture to ask for money so do not worry about doing it.  Most people with be happy to offer a small contribution and will wish you bon voyage in the card. 

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