Get me to the Church on time

Posted: 18 January 2023

Choices, choices and more


Rolls Royce, Bentley, Beauford, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Austin, Classic camper van, 1980s Ford Fiesta, Limo, 4×4, hardtop, soft top, Tractor, Milk Float……..

 Choosing the right vehicle to get you to and from your wedding venue needs a little planning, but can help create the perfect tone for your perfect day so we’ve put together this handy guide we hope will inspire and delight you. After all, first impressions count and there’s nothing better than a cool car to arrive at your venue in. 


Theme Park

Choose a car that suits the theme of your day. Classic cars remain the most popular choice as they suit all types of weddings and can be dressed to suit your colour scheme. However, there is also increasing demand for new luxury vehicles for those looking for a more contemporary style – make sure your car will matches your needs too. Two seaters are great, but you won’t fit many of your bridal party in them meaning either shuttle runs, or more than one car which adds to your budget and leads us to our next point. 


Money, money, money

Car prices can range hugely dependent upon a number of factors including vehicle type, timings, inclusion of a chauffeur, providing in-car champagne etc. Bigger budgets will naturally afford you more vehicle choice, but if you’re planning on limiting budget set aside for transportation, research local options available to you in the first instance. Local firms tend to offer more competitive prices. It’s also worth consulting with your venue as they will often be able to recommend reputable, affordable companies. Think whether you have a classic car hidden away in a relative’s garage that they’d lend you for free. Do you know someone at work who will do you a favour and lend you their supercar? 


Size matters

Give consideration to the bride’s wedding dress. You may harbour desires for a classic Aston Martin DB6 Volcane, or a 1970’s E-Type Jaguar for your big day but it’s important to think about the type of dress your bride will be wearing. A larger framed dress with a longer train, or excess material will require a suitably sized car to ensure a comfortable journey for you both. 


The Great British weather

British weather can be unpredictable all year round, so consideration needs to be given about the chances of sunshine or showers on your big day. If you are planning on getting married in the winter months, it may be more appropriate to consider avoiding soft-top convertibles and focusing on something more practical with bum-warmers! 



Avoid FOMO by starting to look early. Do a Pinterest Board with looks you like and start to make enquiries well in advance of the big day. Wedding car companies are regularly booked up months in advance (especially if you’ve chosen a date during peak season), so try to prioritise booking your transport to secure you can secure the car you want, at the price you want, on the date and time you want. 


She’s electric

Go green and think about whether you can use an electric vehicle. We’re not talking about a milk float in real life – it’d be a bit draughty – plus the sound of the empties may overshadow the church bells. But if the environment is important to you, see if you can go electric – or whether you could walk to the venue if it’s local to your home.  


Daisy, daisy…

…give me your answer, do. If you’re after a horse and carriage and to be a princess for a day, nothing says regal like the clip clop of horses’ hooves. Do your research – you want someone ethical who treats their animals well. You also want horses that match your wedding theme! Think about it, a beautiful chestnut pony goes with most colours   

The wedding car will almost certainly make it on to the photographs, so make sure it fits your wedding theme and your style – the photographs will last a lifetime and you will look fabulous. 

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