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Posted: 21 January 2023

Psssst…weddings can be expensive…pass it on.  

This is no great secret no secret and sometimes the little things, like party favours, can be an afterthought. Whilst they’re a way to say thank you to your guests for participating in your nuptials, they are way down at the bottom of the priority list.  

At TWP we understand why. What if there was another way? Your party favours can be so much more than a disposable and instantly forgettable trinket by making them a more worthwhile part of your special day – without adding a huge extra cost. 

© Rachel Fearnley Textiles

Here are a few ideas for how your party favours can bring more to the table. Better still, if you are looking for a budget friendly option, there are so many that you can make yourself. 

  • Use them to replace your table plan or the place settings. 
  • Utilise personalised party favours as an alternative to the traditional place setting ‘name cards’ and table plan.  
  • Order a selection of hand painted jars with each of your guest’s names – or upcycle your own jars. You could also use a selection of hand painted tags to label each jar with names, or raid your local craft store for stickers and felt to make your own labels.  
  • You can now dispense with the pick and mix carts and sweetie stations by laying out painted jars or bottles filled with tasty sweets. Why not pop in a scented candle or add a truly thoughtful touch by filling your jars with handmade body scrubs or bath bombs as a gift that your guests will want to keep? Or you could make your own lip balms in little tins or make hair masks and treatments. There are lots of easy-to-follow recipes and guides online for how to make these.  
  • You could assemble ‘recipe’ jars with the ingredients for a mug cake or a deluxe hot chocolate jar – fill with cocoa or instant hot chocolate powder of your choice, top it up with chocolate chips and mini marshmallows for an indulgent treat.  
  • For a different kind of recipe – make your own ‘seed bombs’ for your guests to get back to nature. Seed bombs consist of compost and a seed mix (particularly hardy wildflowers, herbs and grasses work best) mixed and compressed into a ball. Throw or plant these anywhere the plants have easy access to moisture and sunlight for a quirky gift. There are lots of easy-to-follow guides online for making your own.  

If you’d prefer not to use glass, you could use recycled card gift boxes and embellish the exteriors to match your theme. You could fill them with chocolates or homemade baked treats like brownies or biscuits. If you love to bake, then share your tasty treats and add labels with your guest’s name.  

Alternatively, aim for a quirky toast by making personalised champagne flutes or wine glasses as your ‘party favours’ with either your guests name or perhaps a quirky pattern or design that appeals specifically to them. Personalise each favour and position it at your guest’s seat for a truly unique surprise.  

© Event Cheshire

Or why not replace your table numbers with a decorated jar or vase filled with treats. Embellish a large jar for each of your tables and fill it with sweets, chocolates, shot glasses or confetti and wrapped treats. You can even add your guests’ names to the jar and make individual seating plans for each table.  

Rather than using table numbers, differentiate tables by the treats! Have themed jars for each table – red heart sweets, chocolates, candy canes  or gin. Or fill it with fairy lights or lit candles for a mystical effect.  

Make your favours part of the table decorations.  

Add a botanical theme to your table decor by gifting cacti and succulents. Make your table look like the inside of a terrarium with pebbles, plants and cute little decorations. Either label the pots directly, or festoon each with a tag or marker to gift them to individual guests. 

Or place your gifts into small bags and hang from an ornamental centre piece tree and use the favours themselves as the decorations. 

As a bonus, if you are conscious about having an eco-friendly special day, then gifting something thoughtful will certainly cut down on unnecessary waste! There are also so many creative ways to go plastic free, all whilst also being kind on your budget.  

So, whilst a party favour might seem like just an obligation that you need to fill, it’s easy to create something truly memorable and unique that your guests will want to keep.  

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