Cufflink Heaven

Posted: 22 January 2023

At TWP, we love all things cuffs and collars for the special people in your life, and we love a beautiful set of cufflinks. 

From their origins dating back to the 17th century, cufflinks were popularised by none other than King Charles II – a King recognised for his style, who regularly wore them out in public and helped influence people’s opinion on these statement accessories. 

The cuff link is a piece of jewellery designed to secure the cuffs of dress shirts where there are two sets of buttonholes but no button.  It’s not gender-specific which we adore and there are different styles of cufflinks which are specific to the way they are fitted to a shirt. The most common styles you will see are the whaleback – where the toggle looks similar to a whale’s tail – and the bulletback where the toggle looks like a bullet. Both these styles are easy to use and keep the cufflink secure in its place.  


With both of the above styles, either the back or the front of the cufflink can be decorative. Perhaps you’ll choose a flatter ‘plate’ with an eye-catching design, or maybe a gemstone, perhaps silver with the fingerprints of your children or the date of your engagement, something you can keep forever. This style is sleeker to the cuff and can often look more luxe – something we also love at TWP.  

You could go one step further and choose a more 3D style, one where the design stands outs from the cuff. Why not follow your hobby or your favourite film – you could channel your inner James Bond and have cufflinks with a poison dart (not a real one obvs); you could live like the Beckhams for the day with a designer treat for yourself that will last a lifetime, or be your own Prince Charming and wear them like Prince William for a day – your budget might not stretch to the Crown Jewels but you will certainly feel regal wearing them. There’s something quintessentially British about sharp tailoring and the cufflink finishes it off perfectly. 

And like weddings, cufflinks come in different designs, shapes and sizes too, and to suit all personalities. So add the finishing touch – feel like a King for the day by linking in a bit of luxury with a style that reflects who you are, with an item you can keep forever.  


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