Colour palettes

Posted: 18 January 2023

Do you think that you will go for a specific colour, or a range of matching?

Our team are loving the range colour palettes so strong within this year’s trending weddings.  Popular with celebrities and influencers alike, the vibrant colours are back with a vengeance early this year.  Different themes are also back in the mix. We had a think in our team meeting and were chatting about the theme and how that can influence your colour choices.  Here are a few of our favourites.


Back to the Future

We don’t think there is a time when vintage will go out of fashion. Whilst the neon signage might be reminiscent of the 80’s, 50’s chic, combining fabrics such as lace and velvet is so very much of the nowThe beauty of this trend is that modern and vintage can be friends within your theme, created a unique and quirky flow to your day. 


Picture this…

In a world that travels so fast and is full of digital photos, there really is a beauty to having Polaroids or Table Cameras (ask your mother!)Or why not consider retro alternative guest books, to rustic metals, again it is the contrast of the vintage colour base, that lends this theme so well to a wedding day.   


Teal-y lovely

The colours of the vintage theme so popular right now are gorgeous with contrasting reds which look stunning in the right amount, to draw the eye to a vibrant pop.   


Style and smile

Vintage styling for your photography is also a must, with colour pops in your props and filters showcasing a classic elegance of times gone by. This theme also compliments the geometrical shape trend, with candle holders and stands crammed with vintage (and sometimes mismatched) florals.  After long period of clean lines and simplicity as the trend, this brings a visual delight to any space, indoor or out.  

We love the way that this blends in with this seasons macrame/dream catcher trend to soften the industrial influence to a more romantic, spiritual and gentle feel.  Adding healing crystals and geometrical glassware also helps to achieve this look.

Definitely a look which allows elegance and quirkiness to shine through. 

Whatever theme and colour palette you choose, we know that when you have the best planning platform on your side, you’re going to love it all.

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