Celebrant Celebrations

Posted: 20 January 2023

Why choose a Celebrant?

Having seen so many weddings, we have seen it all when it comes to the officiaries.  One of our favourites is to use a Celebrant.  Here’s why


They keep your Love at the centre of your wedding day 

The cake will get eaten, the flowers will wilt but your marriage will last a lifetime. Your ceremony is the part of your wedding day that makes this more than a (very lovely) big party. Think about what you want to say. Think about the vows you want to make. Get your ceremony right and you won’t even need the photos because it will be etched into your memory forever.  

One size really doesn’t fit all 

If you get married with a registrar or in a religious ceremony, you’ll get a bit of choice – ‘Do you want vows A, B or C?’  – and if you’re lucky they’ll slot the right names into the right gaps, but that’s really it. But if you choose a celebrant, you get all the choice. They’ll create a ceremony that fits you like your wedding dress (or your wellies or your biker’s helmet; far be it from us to make assumptions about what you’ll be wearing on your wedding day…) The only way to have a wedding ceremony that’s absolutely unique, personal and lovingly written just for you is to use a celebrant.   

Get married wherever you want… 

Not everyone wants to use a licensed venue. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a boat or on a beach or in the middle of a forest. With a celebrant you really can get married anywhere. Even if you have chosen a licensed venue, did you know that only certain areas of the venue will be licensed for weddings? If you’ve set your heart on saying your vows next to the lake or on the sunlit terrace, don’t let the marriage registry rules drag you and your guests into a starchy ceremony room that just doesn’t do it for you. Also, you might well find that unlicensed venues offer you a much better deal – which frees up more of your wedding budget to spend on something more exciting than extortionate corkage fees! 

And whenever you want

Celebrants don’t work to time slots. If you want to get married under the stars at midnight, you can. Your ceremony could last five minutes or over an hour. You choose. With a celebrant, you always choose. 

Squaring the circle 

Things aren’t always simple. Do you want the tradition and spirituality of a church wedding without having to make promises you don’t believe in? Are you trying to find a way to involve both your dad and your stepdad without hurting anyone’s feelings? Or wondering how to bring together your partner’s devout Jewish family with your own clan of avowed atheists? Book a celebrant, talk it all through, and then… relax! A celebrant will find a creative way to make everyone happy – most importantly you 

Know Who you’re dealing with 

Chose a registrar and you’re entrusting the most emotional and meaningful part of your wedding day to someone you’ve probably never met. Your registrar might be a truly wonderful person. But then again they might not.  

A registrar is essentially a bureaucrat – someone employed by the government to keep records and ensure rules are followed. A celebrant is a very different animal. We are wedding industry creatives and couples choose their celebrants because they love their ideas, their writing, their creativity or their personality (or all of the above!) 

Wedding nerves can take us by surprise. Even if you think you’ll be fine, when you’re standing up there, with all eyes on you, imagine how reassuring it is to have the support of an officiant you know and trust. Take your time choosing the right celebrant for you – someone you really click with. In the weeks and months leading up to your wedding, they’ll get to know the two of you and you’ll get to know them. (It’s amazing how many celebrants say they ‘fall a little bit in love’ with every couple they marry!) It’s the most lovely thing to spend your wedding day surrounded only by people you know and trust. Choose a celebrant and you’re taking that little bit more control of your guest list.  


Your day is all about you 

Why do you want to get married? And what is your wedding about? A religious ceremony is all about getting married before God. And a civil ceremony is all about making a legal contract (great for inheritance rights and pensions…) But most people in today’s society don’t get married for religious reasons or legal reasons.  

They do it because they love each other. They want to commit. They want to celebrate. They want to tell each other, and the world, how they feel. That. That’s what you’ll get with a celebrant wedding ceremony. It’ll be all about the two of you. It’ll reflect your style, your personalities, your beliefs and your love for each other. You’ll feel absolutely relaxed and yourself on your wedding day. You won’t be fitting into anyone else’s box or following someone else’s rules. And on their way home, your guests will say to each other ‘that was so them!’ 




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