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Posted: 17 January 2023

Bouquet Styles to choose your look

Perfect petals

From the experienced florist to the decor specialist, there is so much conflicting advice our there about the floral elements of the wedding party.  So, to help you find out what works for your day, we have put together a small guide on the shapes available for you to use.


Don’t forget to check out our seasonal guide to flowers too.  Knowing what shape and what flowers are in season will help you no end when you go to have your meeting with the expert.

Floral Icons-06


The circular or round bouquet is elegant and traditional, yet simplistic. Designed in either a dense, tight cluster or loosely tied together for a gentle, airy boho feel.    

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Sometimes known as the ‘arm sheath’ bouquet, the pageant arrangement consists of long foliage and stem flowers that are cradled in the arms of the holder.    

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Originally known as either the Teardrop or Shower bouquet, this shape is the most traditional, formal styling for a bouquet  

Floral Icons-04

With a name derived from 15th century culture, literally meaning an ornamental display for the nose, the Nosegay bouquet showcases tightly wound smaller bouquets, perfect for brides and bridesmaids alike.    

Floral Icons-05

Suspended by a loop of decorative ribbon, the Pomander or ‘Kissing Ball’ as it is also known allows for tight knit flowers of the same style to be reasonable attached together to create a showstopper.   

Floral Icons-01

One thing that most people don’t realise about wedding flowers is, actually, they are quite heavyThe Posy is the perfect way to keep the weight down on the florals being small in composition and able to be held in one hand.   

Before you meet with your floral designer, have a read of our seasonal florals information.  Having an idea of shape and composition will really help you to narrow down the choices.  

You could choose to match your florals or contrast.  Or you could choose to have a bigger bouquet yourself with smaller versions for the bridesmaids etc.  Remember, whatever shape or size you choose, think about how heavy the florals will be for the day and also, make sure you consider what types of fabric they will be sitting against to avoid those dress pulling disasters. Picking those perfect petals is really such a fun task, let us suck the stress right out of it for you.



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