Posted: 20 January 2023

Choosing your favourite person to walk down the aisle and stand by your side as you take this step into marriage does not sound like a particularly difficult task. But there are so many elements to consider nowadays.  So, we have put together a no-nonsense plan to picking your perfects. 

Know what you’re asking of your perfect person before you start narrowing down your list of who is suitable. 


A best mate or Mate of Honour should be useful to the bride, groom or marrier, helping them with the preparations and build up to the day.  Utilising someone who is fabulous but does not have capabilities will leave a gap in the planning and therefore, more likely stress you out than ease the burden.  


Picking a perfect person also helps if they have a bit of sociability about them.  The reason we say this is that there are lots of roles where your bestie needs to be able to be confident and have conversations with relative strangers.   

Classically Speaking 

One of the main jobs for perfects, is the speeches.  Whether your Mate/Maid of Honour or Best Man/Mate is a good speaker is also important.  What you are looking for out of a speech is a few carefully chosen anecdotes and some gentle humour, suitable across the attending generations.  Choosing someone who can deliver a classy speech really will suck the stress right out of the meal for you.  



Popping over to see your chosen perfect to ask the question, is the best way to ensure that you get to chat over what you need from them.   


Once your main people are in situ then it is time to pick the next level of support, in your bridesmaids/mates or groomsmaid/men. Then it is time for the fun to really begin. 


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