Beauty is skin deep

Posted: 16 January 2023

Tip-top condition

Love the skin you’re in

With so much focus on you during your wedding, you want to ensure that your skin is in tip-top condition.    

We recommend you start to think about this at least 6 months prior to the big day so your skin can be fully hydrated and glow. You’ll find a good serum will help to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin to help give that wedding-ready glow, finish with moisturiser to help to hydrate the top layers. Sleep is important as skin repairs itself then, so night creams are a must. 



Hydrate, hydrate and yes you guessed it


We’d recommend you invest in a decent cleanser and moisturiser, and if possible, a moisturiser that contains an SPF, and treat your skin once a week with a quality face mask.  

But the single most important part of hydrating your skin is drinking water.  Whatever your skin type, drinking enough water per day will absolutely cleanse the toxins out of your skin and will ensure that you are as fresh faced as possible.

If you follow these guidelines, you give yourself the best chance of glowing on your day which will shine through on your photos too.

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