Kate Rowson, Absolutely Flawless

Posted: 20 January 2023

Kate Rowson – Cheshire-based Wedding MUA

To get absolutely flawless skin, Kate Rowson, our Cheshire-based Wedding Make Up Artist knows that beauty is more than skin deep, it’s about picking perfect products and hydrating your skin appropriately to create a great base.  The outcome of this is perfection when it comes to your wedding day.  We brought Kate into the studio to chat all things gorgeous.



The trial

Kate’s Tip #1

Getting to know your MUA is so important.  Trials can be organised several months in advance, so you know that all the products used agree with your skin.  Taking some sample looks that you love will always help your artist to understand what feels right for you.

Whether you are going for the dramatic look or the natural feel, the products your artist uses will help you to feel the best version of yourself on your wedding day.

The personal angle is so important as well.  We know that on the morning of your wedding you can sometimes feel a little bit nervous.  Getting to know your artist during the trial will help you feel comfortable in his or her presence.



Kate’s Tip #2

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, hydrating your body will have such a big impact on your skin.

Perhaps thinking about how much water you drink at least 8 weeks before your wedding day will help to keep your skin flawless as it will wash away all those toxins that can cause any outbreaks.

If you do have an outbreak of bad skin prior to the dream day, keep drinking water.  This will help to minimise the damage to the top layer of your skin.

The temptation is to aggravate any outbreaks.  Please don’t.  It will leave you with a longer lasting problem and potentially leave a mark on your skin.

Utilising the best skincare for your skin is also so important.  Applying a good moisturiser, serum and primer prior to applying make-up is the best way to prep your skin.  Perhaps avoid any changes for the six weeks prior to your day and use a moisturiser with a good SPF to ensure that your face looks smooth as smooth can be.



Kate’s Tip #3

Facials are a great way to deep cleanse your skin.  Brides, grooms and marriers can be tempted to have a facial close to their wedding day to ensure that their skin looks peachy clean.  Kate’s tip to stop any facial treatments six weeks prior is sound advice for any person looking to create the picture perfect face.

The same advice stands with new face masks or products.  The last thing that you want is any adverse reactions.

Here at TWP we are a big advocate in reducing the amount of chemicals in skincare.  Using natural based, vegan products, gives you the skincare regime that the world has developed for you, rather than manufactured in a lab.  Nature has a way of looking after us so we feel it is really important to utilise natural products, that are not harmful to the environment and help to foster a natural dewy glow for your nuptials.


Huge thanks to Kate for her advice and support on this very important topic.  If you want to follow Kate, jump on her socials to get more advice, tips and guidance on how to achieve your dream look.

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