A Fresh Fade

Posted: 20 January 2023

When it comes to choosing your wedding hair there’s some important things to consider including when to have your hair cut.  

If you like the fresh fade look, you should probably go the week before. The look will still be sharp but it leaves a little time from the trim to the big day for your hair to grow into the style.  



If you shave your own head, make sure you do this carefully, no-one wants a plaster on their bonce; shave too early and you risk ingrowing hairs, again no-one wants a pimple on the pate on the big day either. 

Now is not the time to try a new do. If you’re thinking of going for a mullet, perhaps discuss this with your nearest and dearest and certainly try the style at least once before your day. If you’re getting married abroad, remember there may be a language barrier if you’re planning to have your pre-wedding trim there.  



If you have long hair, think about the condition it is in and if it’s not what you would want to see on your photos, you have time to shine, literally! Any decent hairdresser will be able to offer advices on how to get your locks in tip top condition.   

If you have a beard or ‘tasche, consider when you will do your topiary. As with the haircut, you also want this to look fresh for your wedding but you don’t want to have bits of loo roll stuck to your face to stem bleeding. 



Pay attention to any unwanted areas of facial hair growth. If you have a tendency to a monobrow, perhaps now is the time to reach for the tweezers. Check your neck hair – this can grow incredibly quickly, so the night before, make sure it’s trimmed and looking salon standard. Also, remember to check those nostrils and ears to ensure they look as razor sharp as the rest of you. 



Pale eyebrows? You might wish to consider having them tinted, go for a pale grey/brown colour to start with and always have a patch test first and always trial this out at least once before the big day. We don’t want you looking like Red from Angry Birds.  


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