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The Wedding Party

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We have innovative tech designed to help you find your

dream threads

How many times have you wanted more information about your choices before the big try-on day at the boutique? Picturing yourself in an outfit can be difficult if it is a photograph.  We have used state of the art technology to show you a 360 degree view to help you see shape, how the light catches your dream threads and to help you to picture yourself in that perfect outfit.  Choose from our samples of designers to view your dream dress, perfect pinstripe or brilliant bridesmaids, along with the usual fabulous photographs.  Want more choice?  No problem.  When you sign up to your full plan for £97 you get access to all our designers.

Virtual Fitting

View your wedding day fashion in 360 degree format so you can spin around and picture yourself in that dress, suit or wedding party dress.  The perfect way to pick your threads for the big day.  View them side by side, save choices and make your search for ‘the one’ much easier.

Task Lists

How do we take away the stress of planning your wedding? It’s simple, with our ‘no worry’ plan we set you manageable tasks.

Room Development

Coming soon. We help you visualise your space with in-situ décor designed with your space in mind.

The Overwhelm Button

Need some time just to breathe. No problem. We have the space to prevent overwhelm and create calm, just for you.


Tailored Resources

We get to know you as you browse, just so we can help and support you in the best way possible. Our plan remembers you, your choices and helps to keep things so personalised and tailored to your specific needs, likes, wishes, and wants.

Client Focused

We are not the only wedding planner out there we know that. But we are focused on you. Our ethos is that both our team and our suppliers work for you. So, we make sure that our priority is helping you plan the most stress-free, magical wedding day that you can, because it really is always all about you.


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Cutting through choices is hard.  Whilst here on the free site you can have access to our lists of suppliers, when you sign up to buy your plan for £97, we help you sort through them based on our learning.  We have taken the time to get to know each and every one of our suppliers so we can understand who is going to be your perfect match.

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